A whole new experience of Living with comfort

At a Glance

"Zocalo" is the Mexican term for a public square or plaza. We expect it to be "the marketplace" for an ideal property search.
The idea of Zocalo was born as a result of frustration and an inspiration. "Frustration", because of having heard and undergone the horrors of a house search (5 times in 3 years to be precise) and still being clueless on the way to go about finding the right accommodation. "Inspiration", as we knew that we could truly add value and cater to this inherent need.

  • Client

    Zocalo Realtech Pvt. Ltd

  • Industry Vertical

    Real Estate/ Infrastructure Group

  • Based At

    Gurgaon, India


    UI / UX Design
    Front End Development

The Challenge

Our main challenge was to write a user friendly code and integrate interactiveness across cross platforms.

Zocalo | Hashvash

Our Approach

We approached slowly and picked major pages. We wrote the code again and implemented the new designs with great interactivity across cross platforms.