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Octane Marketing Pvt. Ltd is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. They help their clients to engage better with their customers by way of newer marketing techniques.

New Marketing Techniques for Software And Technology Companies Given the rapid pace of change across the industry, software and technology companies everywhere are in need of new marketing techniques to help spread the word about their latest products, services and advances. Of course, despite the constantly shifting technological landscape, some things never change.

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    Octane Marketing
    Octane Marketing Pvt. Ltd

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    Product/ Service

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    New Delhi, India


    E-mail Templates Designing

The Challenge

Our main challenge in this to code a Responsive emailer and make it look perfect across cross mailing platform, which mainly took our time. We coordinated with team octane and successfully delivered the email templates.

Zocalo | Hashvash

Our Approach

We have designed and developed beautiful responsive email templates for Octane. RED (Responsive Email Design) is a new term which is going on in the industry and many new companies have started this practise in their regular email campaigning. Being an innovative design agency, we always thrive to learn and implement the every new technique for our clients. And so we did it with Octane. Now the users can easily select the mailer design of their choice and build their mailer ready to use by using Octane Emailer platform.