Real Women Real Stories.

At a Glance

Feministaa is a budding media firm supporting women entrepreneurship and talent in India. Its web portal was launched in October 2015, with the aim of featuring the most sought after and elite women from all the thriving fields of India today.

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    Feministaa Media Pvt. Ltd

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    News/Media Website

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    New Delhi, India


    UI / UX Design
    Front End Development
    Back End Development

What it serves

Feministaa is an idea-driven platform which strives to bring in the best of a woman by way of inspiration and motivating them to bring them at par with the men’s world.

It conducts interviews of acclaimed women of India who are excelling in their respective fields be it entrepreneurship, business leaders, politicians, government officials. They have an article section with the purpose of giving an insight to the womenfolk of India that they too can achieve what they wish in their endeavors.

The Challenge

We faced certain issues on the portal where the aesthetics of the woman-driven enterprise were expected to be in resonance of the changing demography of work place participation in India. We had many midnight oil burning sessions with the wider design team of Hashvash to reach and achieve this.

Portal has an interview section where Feministaa screens the recorded interviews about their struggles, journey and their achievements by far. This being the USP of the portal has to be given weightage over the text; but not at the cost of text, thereby merging it in the overall design. We thereby did the needful by our unique strategy of putting well spread section of video interviews a new elegant and ornamental glance. | Hashvash

Our Approach

We have not only designed its web portal, which has interview section as its main charm, but also strived to make the mobile and tablet platform a wonderful experience, by retaining the most relevant features of web portal intact. We designed the overall look-and-feel of the portal in synch with the underlying philosophy of the Feministaa; that is, to inspire and motivate the women of India in achieving their goals vehemently. The website serves the showcase of the achievements of acclaimed women of India who are a source of immense motivation for several such people at Pan-India level. Thus by way of using various media such as info-graphics, animations and it is ready to make a deep impact on innumerable minds.