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At a Glance

Buzz India is a unique initiative launched in March 2012 addressing the question of rural poverty in India. It strives to provide financial resources and training in opportunities to rural people to achieve financial self-sustainability.

  • Client

    Buzz India

  • Industry Vertical

    NGO working on women empowerment

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    Banglore, India


    Front End development
    Back End Development

What it serves

It is a not-for-profit organisation which tries to put in use villagers’ rich human capital by providing them requisite knowledge and skills to overcome their lack of opportunities so that they pursue their ambitions. It imparts encouragement to rural folk by classroom-on-wheels program so that they do well in their endeavours.

What we did

We have designed the website, which shows the problems of the rural folks of India and the unique strategy and solutions offered and served by buzzIndia. The website serves the showcase for their achievements to inspire several such movements Pan-India and shows the immense impact it had. Thus by way of using various media such as info-graphics, animations and it has made its impact on innumerable minds.

Buzz India | Hashvash


We faced boundless issues on the homepage where we were to showcase the organisation’s impact and their solutions on a single page. We overcame this, by presenting it in a way like flipping cards through slides.