Why you should redesign your website?

There is a saying; first impression is the last impression, and surely the most important one. Same applies to your website too. Nowadays, your website is the whole and soul of your personality and your business. It is the most important factor that represents your persona these days. Who doesn’t want to fit-in and compete with the latest, updated and always-on world?

Who doesn’t want to outshine and outgrow their business beyond expectations? We are sure, everybody does. For this reason, the most important factor is to revamp your website according to the hot technologies and updated content strategies.
Here are the 7 most important points that you should ponder upon to check the vitality of revamping and redesigning of your website.

  1. Your website is not functional and compatible in mobile. With the advent of smart phones in the market and in the tending-to-mobile-only-world, your customers or end users will definitely try to access your website in their mobile devices. Some functionalities of the site might not even work due to incompatibility with your mobile browser. The user interface might look distorted for your site, because when your website was designed previously, it was not meant to be responsive. In this fast moving world, no one has that much time and patience to open up the laptop and then start browsing. Everybody seems to love their handheld devices. This is a prime concern for vendors to redesign their site responsive and make it compatible to work with both mobile and web interfaces.

    Why you should redesign your website?

    Source: Morgan Stanley Research

  2. The results are not significant enough. This could be one of the major reasons for you to think of revamping your website. If you are not getting the expected results and your website is failing to generate the intended revenue for you, be alert! Because it is the time for you to take a step forward and change your website. Either you need to redesign your site or you need to add some eye-catching features or you need to update the site content according to the consumers’ needs. Start Analyzing, do the research and then implement the necessary changes for your webpage. You will see a major boost in your ROI, that’s for sure!
  3. Your competitors are way ahead of you in terms of website content and design. Everybody needs to adapt with the changing environment. And, if your competitors are also doing the same, then why you should be left behind! Everybody is changing the theme and design of their websites to be in line with the futuristic design and trends. You should also think of the innovative ideas to scale up your website and give it a stunning visual experience. Your content plays a major role in attracting more and more customers for your business. So it should be more engaging, look-wise elegant and appealing; in this way your customers will surely choose you over your competitors. Look at the User Interface of Flipkart which updates in regular interval of time.Change of UI of Flipkart.com
  4. Purpose of your website has changed over time. It happens in many cases that the purpose for which you had created your website previously has been changed now. The focus area of your business has been shifted from one paradigm to another. Your business has now started dealing with several new clients and you need to showcase that on your website as well. This calls for the need of redesigning and re-development of your website so that it is now in line with your purpose statement and gives the customer a clear picture of what you are doing!
  5. Optimize your CTAs to keep your users’ interactions ON. It is completely worthless if your website is just made up of few static pages and there is absolutely no user interaction involved. You need to portray the willingness of dealing with your customers and end users by keeping them engaged with several ‘Call to Action’ buttons on your site. Now what is this new term ‘Call to Action’? Add to cart, save for later, Find in Store, Add to gift registry etc are some of its examples. You should give your users an option to add a particular item to their cart, saving it to their wish-list and purchasing it at a later stage, finding it in their nearby stores, comparing the items with another of the same kind etc. This will increase the confidence of the buyers in your website! And, if it calls for redesigning your webpage, then go ahead and do it now!Optimize your Call of action, CTAs
  6. Good performance is a must. It might happen that your site is taking a lot of time to load or several features might take a little more time to showcase. This might lead to loss of customers’ interests in your webpage. The customer might leave the site instead of waiting there for indefinite time. To improve this performance, you might need to scale up your website according to the latest and updated technologies, which take less time to load. You can also opt for lazy loading of images, simplicity in design patterns, svg images, thus making it less heavy in content.
  7. No confusions, only elegance and simplicity in design. This is quite an important factor to consider while thinking of redesigning your website. Your design should exhibit simplicity and elegance. It should not be confusing. The Action buttons should be properly placed, headings should be consistent, color pattern should look good to eyes and the visuals should be appealing. If that’s not the case for your existing website, then what are you waiting for?

So these are the most important points for you to consider as to why redesigning and re-structuring of your website is the need of the hour now. Just don’t go into the panic mode, think calmly and take an intelligent pick. If those extra hits on your webpage can really get you going in your business, then it’s time for you to make the necessary changes and set yourself apart and high from your competitors!

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  • Harsh Raj

    This has always been a wise idea to redesign

  • ashish chauhan

    great article

  • Abhinav Pawar

    Get advice, Hashvash! We’ve been thinking about doing a major redesign for a while now. Most of its issues are aesthetic, but it’s also not responsive so we’d like to fix that. It’s amazing how many people access the Internet solely through a smart phone.

  • Manuj Jain

    Yes, offcourse. The articulation is very right. One needs to remain updated to latest technologies in order to cope up with changing times. For that one needs to redesign.