Why brand videos are important

Videos do not sell the brand but also help in engaging the customers with the company. People remember what they like, we still remember the cartoons from the 90’s, The Turmeric ad and The old guy from the masala ad from our childhood. We love to find common grounds on which we can share, converse and connect. Videos that follow these points give their viewers a way to talk to each other about the brand.

There are things that are loved universally like babies, cats, puppies, planes flying and videos related to sentiments and emotions of the people. The key is to make people remember something that make them happy, if you are able to do that you have got a video that is going to make you millions.

Mouth to Mouth marketing is the best way to promote your product, and people love to share the experience which they had through your video, the opinion they have created and whatever they perceived through it. The plan is to give the viewers an idea and give them the space to talk about it.

Don’t keep your videos serious, give a humorous tone to the video, and keep it light. If the idea is right, even a spark will set a fire.

The most shared videos are the ones to which we connect, and the things that we cannot say.

So, make a video and interact.

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